Join this live webinar to learn the ins and outs of the Global Solutions Program (GSP) at Singularity University. Managing Director, Nicholas Haan and his team will take you through the program, the application process and give you some tips about how to really stand out. The GSP is a 10-week immersive experience designed to educate, empower and prepare today's brightest minds from across the globe to use exponential technology to solve the world's greatest challenges.

In this webinar, the GSP team will cover:

  • A brief intro to Singularity University
  • A look at the GSP 10-week program
  • What an ideal candidate looks like
  • Application tips
  • What happens after GSP
  • 15 minute Q&A

Sign up for this interactive information session to figure out if GSP16 is right for you and how to maximize your chances of being part of this incredible group. The GSP team will be on the call to answer any other questions you might have. 

For more information on GSP, watch these videos:

GSP15 Team Projects

The GSP Experience

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An Inside Look at Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program
GSP16: What To Expect and How to Stand Out 

Nicholas Haan has worked at the intersection of science, technology, social challenges, and innovation for the last 25 years. His issues of focus have included disaster relief, food security, environment, energy, public health, education, genetics, and information systems. And his affiliations have included the United Nations, governments, universities, donor agencies and non-governmental organizations.

Nick is currently Managing Director of GSP and on the Faculty at Singularity University. His introduction to global perspectives began as a science teacher in a remote Kenyan village with the Peace Corps. This experience led to more than 20 years of living and working internationally, mainly in East and Southern Africa (including living four years in villages without running water or electricity, which gives him a unique perspective on social challenges).

Prior to joining Singularity University, Nick served as Senior Economist/Global Program Manager with the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization where he oversaw a food security project operating in over 30 countries. He is the creator of an international standard for classifying the severity of food insecurity and disasters–called the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC). Nick is also involved with several start-ups, including as strategic advisor to a mobile app company called eMobilis. He has a keen interest in the crowdsourcing movement and is on the regional board of directors for He has been a visiting professor at University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; and was awarded a NASA Research Fellowship. Originally from California, Nick has a PhD in Geography, a Master’s in International Development, a Master’s in Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing from Clark University, and a Bachelor’s in Genetics from U.C. Berkeley. He is an avid sea kayaker and explorer, most recently completing an 500 km expedition across Lake Victoria by kayak.

Speaker Bio:

Nicholas Haan, Managing Director

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